Guest Information

If you will be joining us as a guest at Morris Country Club, we ask that you review our rules and policies to make your visit as special as possible. Upon arrival, our Golf Shop Staff will meet you in the parking lot to offer you a golf cart. Please check in at the golf shop to announce your arrival. Range balls are located on the practice tee to the west of the parking lot. Our practice putting green is located on the east side of the parking lot. We are looking forward to hosting you at Morris Country Club!

Dress Code Policies:

The purpose of our dress code is to provide members and their guests with a guide to appropriate dress when visiting Morris Country Club. Members are responsible for the attire of their children and their guests, and members should inform their guests of the dress code requirements prior to their arrival at the Club. In accordance with the policy, the Staff has been to advised to remind members who are not in compliance with the dress code policies.

The dress code applies to all areas of the Club grounds including the Clubhouse, the Golf Course, and the Practice Areas. Members are asked to use good judgment to help enforce the Clubhouse dress code.

Men's Dress Policy:

Slacks, golf shorts and collared shirts, turtle neck and mock neck shirts are standard required dress on Club grounds. Sweaters and pullovers may be worn over standard underneath attire. We do allow denim at the club but ask that any jeans that are worn be neat and free of rips and holes. T-shirts, undershirts, and athletic shorts are not acceptable dress.

Ladies Dress Policy:

Slacks, golf shorts, capris, skirts or skorts of an appropriate and tasteful length, golf shirts, sleeveless blouses of proper length, turtle neck and mock neck shirts are standard required dress on Club grounds. Sweaters and pullovers may be worn over the standard underneath attire. They must be of appropriate size, length, necklilne and fit. Tube tops, tank tops, midriff attire, T-shirts, short shorts, cut-offs are not acceptable dress, unless otherwise noted.

Hats & Caps Policy:

Ladies and Gentlemen may wear hats at the club. We prefer that hats be worn with the bill facing forward.


Denim worn at the Club shall be appropriate. Appropriate denim is defined as "denim worn with the appropriate cut, in excellent repair, and consistent in color". Inappropriate denim is defined as "denim worn or cut lower than waist level (baring one's midriff), tattered, frayed, patched, or otherwise in disrepair.

Golf Shoes

Spikeless golf shoes or tennis shoes are appropriate for the golf course. Shoes with metal spikes or other athletic field shoes are not permitted on the golf course or the practice areas.